Exfoliation Myths Exposed

Expose: Most Companies commit fraud when they used the word Exfoliation. Here's how:   OVERSIZED MEDIA: Most products that claim to “exfoliate” do not. Majoor companies abuse the meaning of the term and collect money under false pretenses. The FDA and FTC don’t have a legal definition. Items, cheap and expensive, that are grossly inefficient, are bilking consumers by the millions. Fat Fibers, loofahs, scrub beads are way too big to shave dead cells.     Fibers found in so-called “exfoliation” products cannot penetrate to remove dead cells. They give the feeling of abrasion but simply roll over the surface and...

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Exfoliating with Beauty Cloth Exfolia

Facial exfoliation is key for achieving youthful, clear, and radiant skin with the biggest benefits being: reducing the occurrence of acne and blackhead breakouts, improving skin texture, reducing the appearance of large pores, and creating a better absorption surface for the costly and time-consuming beauty products you use every day. Exfoliation products include brushes, rags, and potions, but the Beauty Cloth EXFOLIA™ reveals immediate changes in skin and long-term accelerates skin cell growth and improves skin tone and elasticity. This beauty cloth has been recommended around the world by Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Aestheticians and Good Housekeeping Magazine and is sold in high-end...

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Tips for Shopping Simply in the Grocery Store

The world wastes 30% of its food, and Americans throw away up to 40% of the food they buy. While you may be doing better than your average American, there are still steps you can take to shop clean. 1. Make a List  Before you head to the store, make a list of items you plan to buy. Use the notepad on your smartphone if you really want to avoid waste, just don't try to keep it in your head. As you shop, be sure to check items off your list. This will keep you focused on buying only what...

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