Exfoliation Myths Exposed

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Expose: Most Companies commit fraud when they used the word Exfoliation. Here's how:


OVERSIZED MEDIA: Most products that claim to “exfoliate” do not. Majoor companies abuse the meaning of the term and collect money under false pretenses. The FDA and FTC don’t have a legal definition. Items, cheap and expensive, that are grossly inefficient, are bilking consumers by the millions. Fat Fibers, loofahs, scrub beads are way too big to shave dead cells.



Fibers found in so-called “exfoliation” products cannot penetrate to remove dead cells. They give the feeling of abrasion but simply roll over the surface and dislodge only a minimum of dead skin.


Dermabrasion crystals (found in major cleansers such as L’Oreal) are basically shards of glass. They impact the skin by stabbing and gouging. The large fragments invade far below the Corneal layer and injure the lower strata. The smaller pieces lodge into pores and clog. This causes injuries which require days to repair. Inflammation, redness, pain and infections are the result.


The 4 layers of the Epidermis are about as thick as 4 sheets of bond paper. The removal of dead cells (less than 1 sheet thick) should be precise and not intrude on the lower layers. The ideal process of exfoliation does not require pain, or potential injury from chemicals, acids, or machines. The advanced EXFOLIA™ technique for REAL exfoliation is fast, smooth, superficial, natural, safe, elegant and efficacious! You’ll be pleasantly amazed!

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